Choosing Where to Die

If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to be aware of your imminent death from a terminal illness, you’ll be asked a simple question – Where would you like to die? Several options, that I’m aware of, are available: At home At hospice At palliative care

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Coping With a Loved One With Terminal Cancer

We knew something wasn’t right when we found my uncle and aunt seated on the living room couch. Mom had an announcement to make. Something important. The cursed cancer had metastasized. We wept for the cruel twist of fate. We wept for the impermanence of

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With Mom

And Then There Were Two

Serenity.  A calmness settled in as Kei and I sat in silence at the foot of her hospital bed. The sun shined brightly on our backs heating up the dry cool room. She was, at long last, at peace. Our first love. Our forever love.

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Tears are words that need to be written.

Paulo Coelho
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